Executive Coaching

Why Executive Coaching?

Our clients use executive coaching because it works!Executive Coaching Model





What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is concerned with helping organizational leaders maximize personal performance or produce growth and change in their organizations. It’s an interactive relationship where the coach uses advanced listening and asking skills to elicit goals, strategies and solutions from clients. The coaching process is unique: instead of focusing on offering expert advice (consulting), or speaking from the wisdom of broad experience (mentoring), the coaching process maximizes buy-in and personal responsibility by acknowledging you as the foremost expert on our company and your life. The executive coaching relationship is designed to maximize the abilities of the leader, and provides the professional tools, advocacy and support needed to do so. 


Who Benefits from a Coach?


Coaching is not fixing people. It’s about taking good leaders and making them great, and helping great leaders access and utilize their full abilities. In short, coaching is for people who want to accomplish more, do it better, and strengthen their people in the process. Coaching can be beneficial to any organizational leader who is internally motivated to grow or change.

 Leadership for the 21st Century

According to Warren Bennis, “Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future…” Voices like Jack Welch of GE, Harvard Business Review and others have touted the future of coaching. And over and over, organizations that have embraced it has discovered it has a high return on investment, increases employee satisfaction, raises performance and lowers turnover. If you’d like to find out what coaching can do for you or your organization, contact me today.  



"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

~African Proverb 


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Nano Tool:

Our mindsets are determined by the questions we ask. Some questions have the potential to catalyze breakthroughs and inspire transformations. Others lead to stagnation and demoralization. The difference lies in whether you ask Learner Questions or Judger Questions.