Team Building


Strengthen the foundation of your team through our Team Building process. Accelerate team performance by improving communication, cooperation, and trust. Discover how to unleash the contributions of your team toward your organization’s critical priorities. Positively impact your organization with a more aligned and engaged team.

Key Benefits:
  • Adopt a leadership style that improves teamwork
  • Identify the barriers to good teamwork and develop corrective actions
  • Understand individual's communication and behavior style and its effect on teamwork
  • Create an action plan to increase team effectiveness

The benefits to building an effective leadership team cannot be understated. Strong senior teams model healthy productive relationships organization-wide, and achieve better results. Your team is unique and we offer fully customized trainings on Team Building based on your organizational needs. Our trainings move from theory to practical application, laying out short-term building blocks and long-term strategies needed to create the most effective and resilient leadership teams.


Building a high performance team can seem daunting and it is an absolute necessity in today’s business world if you want your organization to stand out above the rest.  


What people say about Reni's Team Building facilitations:

"Prior to Reni’s involvement with our team, our department was chaotic and there was a significant amount of hostility between the individuals on our team.  The training she provided created a space for conversation so that we could resolve the animosity felt among team members.  She also provided us with feedback that has allowed us to improve our overall process and the overall feeling in our office.  The change on our team has been significant and has allowed us to better care for our patients and better support one another."  Non-profit Lebanon County, PA